Mithaq Alarabiya

A discount card, which includes a variety of service providers and product sellers, who offer discounts of 50% to members of the Mithaq Alarabiya card of all categories. Commercial, medical, Overall Card, and business card, and can benefit from the advantages of the card during the validity of the card, the validity of the card is one year, and the number of times of using is unlimited

The purpose of the mithaq al arabiya card

Achieve appropriate levels of health and commercial well-being and improve the shopping experience by enabling customers to select high-quality products and services at a low price.

Who can get Mithaq Alarabiya card
Business sector
Requirements for request Mithaq Alarabiya card

Citizen and resident


Business sector

what's separating

Low price

Medical Network selective

Activation and immediate use

Discounts and special offers

24/7 customer service

Ordering Membership

Types of Mithaq Alarabiya cards

Mithaq Alarabiya for health care

Mithaq Alarabiya card for health care

Commercial Mithaq Alarabiya card

Commercial discount card from Mithaq Alarabiya

Overall Mithaq Alarabiya card

Overall discount card from Mithaq Alarabiya

Business card of Mithaq Al Arabiya

Business discount card of Mithaq Al Arabiya

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نافذة تسويق جديد

additional marketing way

كسب عملاء جدد

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الحملة الدعائية والإعلامية

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add your medical and business

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